DogCratesDepot® Cactus Cat Tree - Stylish Haven for Playful Cats with Hammock, Condo, and Sisal Scratching Posts

Introducing the DogCratesDepot® Cactus Cat Tree - Where Style Meets Functionality Elevate your living room...
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Introducing the DogCratesDepot® Cactus Cat Tree - Where Style Meets Functionality

Elevate your living room with our versatile cactus cat tree, a stylish blend of natural green sisal and carpet that mimics the vibrant beauty of a cactus. This eye-catching piece not only lights up your space but also serves as a wonderful recreation spot for kittens, small cats, and average-sized feline friends.

Key Features:

1. Style with Purpose: Our cactus cat tree features a large top perch, private condo, fully sisal-covered scratching post, and a fluffy pom-pom ball for endless entertainment. The natural green sisal and carpet combination creates a vivid cactus design that seamlessly integrates into your home decor.

2. Ideal Recreation Spots: The generously sized top perch, measuring 40x32cm, provides a secure space for your cat to rest with a thick raised rim offering strong support. The middle condo offers a private retreat for a peaceful nap, while the round hammock serves as a cozy vantage point for snoozing and bird-watching.

3. Furniture-Friendly Playground: Two fully natural sisal-covered scratching posts not only allow your cats to sharpen their claws but also provide a full stretch outlet. Keep your cats away from expensive curtains and furniture. The dangling ball with a bell adds an extra layer of fun, arousing their curiosity.

4. Reliable Quality for Safety: Crafted from P2 high-quality natural particle boards, with a reinforced base, skin-friendly plush, and natural sisal scratching posts, this well-balanced cat activity tree ensures a safe and comfortable haven for your beloved cats. Let them jump, play, and dream while you're away.

5. Easy Assembly, Perfect Gift: The DogCratesDepot® Cactus Cat Tree comes with illustrated instructions and a necessary tool pack, making assembly a breeze. The attractive green color seamlessly blends with your room decor, making it a perfect gift for both your cat and your sweet home.

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 34" or 84 cm
  • Top Perch: 15.7"x11.8" or 40x30cm
  • Hammock Width: 11.8" or 30cm

Weight Recommendations:

  • Hammock: Suitable for cats up to 12 lbs
  • Top Perch: Ideal for cats up to 15 lbs

Please note that we don't recommend this specific tree for larger cats. Bring home the DogCratesDepot® Cactus Cat Tree – a perfect fusion of style and functionality for your feline companion.

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