DogCratesDepot® 52" Creative Cat Playhouse: Multilevel Fun, Exclusive Tunnel Hammock, Large-Space Basket, Stable & Durable Design, Easy Assembling

Let your frisky felines embark on a journey of play and relaxation with the DogCratesDepot®...

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Let your frisky felines embark on a journey of play and relaxation with the DogCratesDepot® Creative Cat Playhouse. This 51.4-inch multilevel cat tower boasts a streamlined design, providing the perfect playground for your energetic cats to bounce up and down. Featuring a spacious top perch, super large hammock, wide platforms, and a cozy condo, this cat tree offers ample spaces for your kittens to take a break or simply be in a daze.

Key Features:

1. Creative Playhouse Design: The streamlined design of this cat tower is a visual delight, offering your cats a vibrant and dynamic space to explore. The swing tunnel in the middle adds an element of excitement, and the condo comes with an extra window for the option to attach another tunnel.

2. Exclusive Tunnel Hammock: This cat tower features a unique two-piece tunnel, with the bottom one designed to swing, capturing your kitten's interest and providing endless fun. The adjustable distance between the tunnel parts allows for customization, and kittens can peek through the cracks to observe their surroundings.

3. Large-Space Basket: Unlike traditional cat trees, the PAWZ Road modern cat tree comes with a large-space and soft square hammock connected by two pillars, enhancing stability and avoiding the risk of breakage or instability.

4. Stable & Durable Construction: Crafted from CARB-certified natural particle boards and equipped with two rows of robust posts, this cat playhouse ensures trustworthy stability. The antibiosis ultrasonic fabric in main activity areas adds an extra layer of safety and hygiene, and its mild waterproof feature allows for easy cleaning of slight stains.

5. Easy Assembling: With a simple construction design, setting up the DogCratesDepot® Creative Cat Playhouse is a breeze. The step-by-step instructions provided make assembly quick and hassle-free.

Create a world of excitement and comfort for your cats with the DogCratesDepot® Creative Cat Playhouse – where multilevel fun, exclusive features, stability, and easy assembly converge in a delightful feline paradise.


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