Choosing the Right Crate or Kennel Size.

Choosing the Right Crate or Kennel Size.

Choosing the Right Crate or Kennel Size.
Choosing the Right Crate or Kennel Size.
Whether you're a new dog owner or simply looking to replace your current dog crate or kennel, buying the right size is essential to your dog's health and comfort. At Dog Crates Depot, we spent long nights working on a step-by-step guide to finding the right product for every single dog breed.

We classify the different steps in 4 unique approaches to help you determine what your pet needs.

1) Type of Breed
Several people tend to purchase a crate before even getting a new puppy and then change their minds about what type of dog they're going to get. Knowing the exact dog breed is the first step to making sure you buy the correct size. By nature, some dogs are more excited than others and might require a different type of crate than others.

2) Age
Age plays a role in determining the kennel size you need. If you just got a puppy that will grow very fast, you need to consider buying a larger crate and installing a divider. If your puppy has reached full maturity (Typically after one year), your purchase should be determined based on its size and weight.

3) Length & Weight
The length of each dog varies even between the same or familiar breeds. You want to measure your dog's measurement and weight to make an intelligent purchase. Buying the wrong size product might result in damaging your pet's physical health and increase anxiety.

4) Male or Female
Male dogs are often larger (both in height and weight) than females. Having that information, you always want to see a few months ahead before purchasing your final crate.

To have a better understanding of the different sizes available, please refer to our size guide. Size guide | Dog Crates Depot®
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