Best Price Guarantee the best PRICE MATCH guarantee on the market. For price protection, you need to contact our sales offices directly by phone. If you place the order via the web, please contact us within 48 hours after your purchase to be eligible.


To be eligible, you need to provide us the two following information. First, the Crate must be from our brand with our original material. You must also provide the representative with a valid URL link of the product you are requesting, Price Protection. If the sale is not from an online site, we need a full print verified advertisement from reliable sources.


Processing your order at the matched price is done at the discretion of and is subject to evaluation using the terms and conditions below. Price Match Guarantee will not apply against auction sites such as eBay & Amazon as those retailers provide lower quality crates.


Contact Information:

Jordan A ext 1


Toll-Free Number: 514-570-5889


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