Confirmed! 5 Reasons Getting A Crate
From Dog Crates Depot is BEST

Keep Reading If You Want A Crate That Lasts a Lifetime and Makes Your Dog Feel at Home!

Based On 900+ Happy Customers star star star star star

1. You Get the right Size - No matter what!

From Your Furry Little Muffin To Your Big Strong Boy, We've Got Crates That Are Spacious And Well Ventilated.

"I was a bit worried I would not get the right size, I needed an extra large crate that would fit my big boy and this bed. Luckily Dog Crates Depot had the right size"

Mel K. Verified Customer star star star star star

2. Well Built! Strong & Sturdy With Smooth edges.

Don't let the affordable prices fool you! You Can order knowing you're avoiding Flimsy Dog Crates That Bend Easily And Only Last A Couple Of Months.

"I've had mine for over a year now, it still looks Good & Sturdy"

Mihaela. Verified Customer star star star star star

3. A much Needed Double Door Design

This Design Gives You Easy Access To Your Dog And Allows You To Position The Crate Conveniently In Your Home.

"There are multiple ways you can position the crate because it has two doors, love it"

Joseph. Verified Customer star star star star star

4. Easy To Disassemble And Transport

Their Mesh-Like, Collapsible Structure Makes Them Easy To Disassemble And Transport. You Can Move It Around, Making Storage Easy. They Are Also Lightweight And Easy To Assemble.

"When we have to travel, visit relatives, bringing the crate along is so easy"

Matt Rhodes. Verified Customer star star star star star

5. Safe, Bolted & Secure

Each Bolt Latch Is Designed With Paw-Blocking Technology To Keep Your Dog Secure Inside, As Well As Rounded Corners That Protect Your Dog From Injury

"10/10 would recommend. During our first few days of crate training my Shepherd would always try to claw his way out but the Crate never budged

Lori. Verified Customer star star star star star

Time to Give Your Furry Friend A Crate they Will Love

Trusted by Dog Owners Across Canada star star star star star

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